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Tiger Tribe

World Globe - Animal Planet - 42cm

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Buckle up for an amazing journey with the Animal Planet World Globe!

This classic inflatable globe comes with an exciting animal-themed twist that's perfect for curious minds aged 5-9.

Just the Right Size: Measuring at 42cm, this globe is just the right size for young explorers. It's big enough to see all the amazing details but still easy to handle.

Ready, Set, Inflate!: Get ready for some fun! The globe is super easy to inflate, making it a breeze to get started on your adventure. Plus, it's lightweight, so you can carry it wherever your imagination takes you.

Learning and Play in One: The adventure begins with the included booklet. You'll find dozens of beautifully illustrated animals from all around the globe. From Belugas swimming in the icy waters to busy Beavers building their dams, and even the majestic Yaks, you'll discover creatures you've never seen before.

Discover the World's Wildlife: With this globe, you'll become a world-class animal expert. Learn about animals, their habitats, and how they live across the globe. It's like having your own animal encyclopedia right at your fingertips!

Get Ready for a Wild Ride!: The Animal Planet World Globe is more than a toy; it's an exciting adventure waiting to happen. Get ready to explore the world and discover animals from every corner of the globe. Don't miss out on this incredible learning experience. Order your globe today and let the adventure begin.


  • 42cm inflatable world globe
  • Illustrated with images of animals in their native habitats
  • Includes booklet naming all of the creatures to be found on the globe


    Size: 42cm

    Recommended Age:  5 - 9 years


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