Toy Planes

Set your little ones’ sights on the sky with our toy plane range

Does your little one love toy planes? Our wooden toy planes are some of the best toy planes that you will find in Australia! Wooden toy planes are hand-made with love, to be held by a child’s hand as they run around the house making plane noises. Kids love plane toys to play with at home, or on holidays .

The little hands of your children can run around with bright green seaplanes or bright blue cargo planes. We have helicopters they can make those chopper-chopper noises with and land on the kitchen table. Or how about a passenger plane to an exotic tropical island? Kid’s imaginations soar into the sky, and with our wooden toy planes, they can fly with them too. You can team the fire rescue floatplane with some wooden fire engine toys for an awesome fire and rescue play time. Brows our online airport and taxi one of these wonderful wooden toys into your shopping cart. Bring your seat into the upright position and strap in for take-off. Grab some kid plane toys today.


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Toy planes that will become firm playtime favourites

Our gorgeous wooden toy planes are perfect gifts for little ones to enjoy during playtime. They look beautiful on display too, which means they can be used for décor as well.

Want to get your child a zippy toy plane? Our pull-back and run speedy Boeing toy planes - available in red, green and blue – are made from sustainable rubber wood and finished with non-toxic child-safe paints and lacquers.

And if they prefer to add some runway fun before take-off, our toy planes with runways sets are perfect consideration to let their aviator dreams take flight! They are fantastic travel packs too.

Toy aeroplanes are always fun toys to have at home, but they are also perfect to take on-the-go. Our wooden toy planes are specially designed to develop fine motor skills, and they are perfectly sized to fit into little hands that are ready to take them to the sky!

Our children's toy vehicle range is educational, great fun, safe and excellent quality.

What are the benefits of buying toy planes for kids?

There are many reasons why you might consider buying a toy plane for your child. Here are a few:

  1. Encourages imaginative play: Playing with a toy plane can inspire your child's imagination and allow them to explore new worlds and scenarios. They can imagine themselves as pilots, air traffic controllers, or even passengers on a flight. This kind of play can help with creativity and problem-solving skills.

  2. Promotes motor skills: Playing with a toy plane can help develop your child's fine motor skills, such as hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Manipulating the plane with their hands and fingers can help them develop these important skills.

  3. Educational: A toy plane can be an educational tool for your child. They can learn about aviation, geography, and different cultures. They can also learn about the different parts of the plane and how it works.

  4. Quality time with your child: Playing with a toy plane with your child can be a fun and interactive way to spend quality time together. You can encourage their imaginative play, teach them about the world, and bond with them over a shared interest.

  5. A classic and timeless toy: A toy plane is a classic toy that has been loved by generations of children. It can be a timeless and treasured addition to your child's toy collection.

  6. Environmentally friendly: Wooden toy planes are often made from natural, renewable materials, which makes them a more environmentally-friendly choice than plastic toys.

Overall, a toy plane can be a great addition to your child's toy collection. It can inspire imaginative play, promote motor skills, provide educational value, and offer quality time with your child.

Shop today for the best Toy Planes for Australian Kids

Thanks to their child-friendly size, simple design and superbly smooth edges, they are easy to handle for little hands to grab and hold. These toy aeroplanes’ wheels spin freely so they are always ready to take off on their next adventure!

Lovingly handmade from birch and linden wood, your child is sure to love these toy planes made in Australia.

Get your child the ultimate wooden toy plane today – simply browse our collection and be sure to let us know if you have any questions!

How much do wooden toy planes cost?

You can have your kids putting out wildfires and saving the koalas with our Fire Rescue Float Plane for only $29.95. From there we have our plain wooden plane- Airy, or our wooden helicopter- Chase, for just under $70.

The great toy, the hours of joy you get for your money is priceless. Seeing the smiles on your child’s face as they zoom their toy plane around in the air brings so much happiness.

What are the different types of toy planes?

There are quite a few different types of toy planes, including:

  1. Single-Engine Propeller Planes: These wooden toy planes typically have one propeller and are often modeled after classic planes from the early days of aviation, such as the Wright Brothers' planes or biplanes from the World War I era. These planes can be a great way to introduce your child to the history of aviation.

  2. Jet Planes: These toy planes are typically modeled after modern jet planes, such as fighter jets or passenger planes. They often have sleek designs and are great for imaginative play.

  3. Helicopters: Wooden toy helicopters are a popular choice for children who love aviation. They can be great for imaginative play and can be used to teach children about the mechanics of rotary-wing aircraft.

  4. Gliders: Wooden toy gliders are a great way to introduce your child to the principles of flight. They typically have long wings and no motor, so they rely on air currents to stay in the air. They can be great for outdoor play and can help children understand the basics of aerodynamics.

  5. Propeller Planes with Removable Parts: Some wooden toy planes come with removable parts, such as the wings or the cockpit. These planes can be great for teaching children about the different parts of the plane and how they work together to create flight.

  6. Customizable Planes: Some wooden toy planes come with pieces that can be interchanged or personalized, allowing your child to create their own unique design. This can be a great way to encourage creativity and individuality.

  7. Model Planes: Wooden model planes are often more complex and detailed than other wooden toy planes, and they can be a great choice for older children or adults who enjoy building and collecting models. They can be a fun and challenging project to complete and can be displayed as a beautiful piece of decor once finished.

These are just a few examples of the different types of wooden toy planes available. Depending on your child's interests and age, there may be other options to consider as well. By choosing a wooden toy plane that your child loves, you can encourage their interest in aviation and provide them with a timeless and durable toy that they will enjoy for years to come.