Wooden Sorting trays

Wooden Sorting Trays

At My Happy Helpers, you can choose from a range of high-quality wooden trays that your kids are guaranteed to love. A wooden tray is a versatile item that can be used whether children are playing inside or outside, in the home or at daycare or kindergarten.

They also come in handy for various activities, from sorting between items to getting crafty. From simple, adaptable wooden trays to trays available in unique designs, you can shop to your heart’s content for a wooden sorting tray online today.

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Why buy a wooden tray


Our elegantly designed and durable wooden trays are an enormous help when it comes to teaching your child about organisation and concentration.

By storing toys or learning materials on a wooden tray, you are helping your child to transport their activities with ease and to focus entirely on what is contained on the tray, avoiding distraction. As well as serving as a storage method, wooden trays come in handy when encouraging your child to participate in sorting activities and serve as an easy-to-clean up base for creative tasks like cutting or gluing things together.

How much do wooden sorting trays cost?

Our range of wooden trays is as affordable as it is practical. Those who prefer a more budget-friendly option will find this rectangular divided tray ($24.95) a good solution or this super-cute pea pod sorting tray ($29.95).

Meanwhile, if you want to find a product that will last for years on end, check out this set of three Montessori sorting trays ($79.95)


What are the different types of wooden sorting trays?

My Happy Helpers offers all sorts of wooden trays. If you would prefer to find a product that is the perfect storage solution for your child’s toys, take a look at our range of sorting trays, like this three-component tray.

We also offer trays that are made with a particular purpose in mind, such as this feeding tray that will help make mealtimes a breeze. On top of that, we even stock trays that double as puzzles to ensure your little one is always entertained.