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Wooden Toy Boxes

At the end of play, pop your little one’s toys away with our wooden toy boxes

As your child’s toy collection continues to grow, keeping track of all the bits and pieces can be a real challenge! Whether your little one loves building blocks, puzzles or playing with dolls, you can end up with lots of parts that end up all over the house. With this in mind, it’s important to have kids toy boxes on hand to help tidy up after play.


Here at My Happy Helpers, we have some of the most adorable and innovative toy boxes in Australia like the Forest Table where your little one do crafts and then store their favourite items inside the tabletop, or the Honeybake Shopping Trolley that your child can push around the house and pick up their toys as they go.


We have lots of fun and colourful options to choose from — find the perfect wooden toy box online today! We offer fast and free shipping on orders over $199 as well as flexible payment options like Afterpay.


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Classic Baby Walker
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Babies and Toddlers

Classic Baby Walker


Babies and Toddlers

Kinderfeets Cargo Walker - White


Babies and Toddlers

Kinderfeets Cargo Walker - Slate Blue


Babies and Toddlers

Pull Along Bear Cart


Furniture & Décor

Forest Table


Furniture & Décor

Forest Steps


Honeybake Shopping Trolley
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Imaginative Play

Honeybake Shopping Trolley


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The benefits of a wooden toy box

If you’re looking for a sturdy storage option for your child’s toys, you can’t go wrong with a wooden toy box! Wood is one of the sturdiest materials on the market — strong, renewable and recyclable, a wooden toy box will last for generations to come.

Who knows, your child’s new toy box might be a family heirloom in a few decades time!

Are there additional benefits of choosing a wooden toy box for your little one:

Natural wood can have a positive impact on your child’s health and wellbeing. According to Planet Ark, children in spaces with more wooden features (e.g. classrooms) have a lower heart rate and a lower stress response than spaces with lots of unnatural plastic and metal. It’s especially effective if they can touch the materials.


  • For the mums and dads out there, it’s also good to know that the process of manufacturing timber uses less fossil fuel than metals and plastics. This means that wooden toy boxes are good for the environment, too!

  • In the same vein, timber is a natural, renewable material. Every time a tree is harvested, up to 10 trees are planted in its place and the renewable cycle begins again. Plus, timber is non-toxic and safe for children.


Truly, wooden toy boxes are a win-win for the little one and parents alike! Browse through our gorgeous collection of natural timber toy boxes online — we offer free shipping on orders over $199.

Multipurpose wooden toy boxes

Kids wooden storage boxes are at their best when they’re multipurpose — and we’ve got lots of multipurpose kids toy boxes to choose from! One of our favourite designs is the Pull-Along Bear Cart. With an adorable bear face on the front and back, four wheels and a pull rope, your little one can take their teddies and dolls for a walk and then pop their toys away at the end of the day.


Alternatively, if you have a tiny Picasso in your family, you might choose the Forest Table! Your child can spend their days drawing and painting on their Forest Table, then store their art supplies inside the tabletop. With three compartments, they even have enough space to store some of their favourite toys inside.


If you’re looking for a kids wooden toy box with some height, the Forest Steps are a perfect choice. Masquerading as a two-step stool, your little one can use the Forest Steps to get to those out of reach places and store their toys. Just open the lid on the top step and you’ve got a sneaky spot to store your child’s toys.


Plus, with handles on either side of the box, mum or dad can easily carry the box back to the nursery or playroom.


For the child with a need for speed, consider the Kinderfeets Cargo Walker will see them zooming around the house with their teddy in tow. When it’s time to clean up, your child can simply collect their toys and put them in the cargo tray as they walk.


Browse through our collection of multipurpose wooden toy boxes online!

How to make clean up fun

Sometimes, kids never want playtime to end — we can’t blame them! Whether it’s dinner time, bathtime or bedtime, there comes a time when the toys need to be packed away for the day. If your child tends to fight pack up time, here are some tips to help them gather their toys and pack them away.


  • If you have multiple children, try to encourage some friendly competition. Give each of your children a bucket and see who can collect the most toys in sixty seconds. You’d be amazed by how quickly they’ll clean up the playroom!

  • Set a timer for your child. For example, you might say, “can you collect five toys in 30 seconds? Go!” If they get the job done within the time limit, give them a little treat for their good work.

  • Put on some music during clean up time. Make a unique playlist for cleaning up — your little one will make the audio connection that it’s time to start packing things up. Plus, music can make cleaning fun!

  • Align clean up time with a motivator – for example, you might set clean up time at 3 pm right before their favourite cartoons appear on the TV, before their afternoon snack or before they go to swimming lessons. Kids tend to hustle when they see a prize at the finishing line!


There are lots of ways to turn clean up time into a game and our adorable wooden toy boxes can make it even better. Your child will feel a sense of accomplishment when they finally finish cleaning up, especially if there’s a special reward like some fruit juice or a lolly. Just remind them before cleaning up that there’s something special waiting for them once the task is done!

Buy a quality toy box on Afterpay with My Happy Helpers

It’s never been easier to find and buy a quality toy box online! We stock some of the best wooden toy boxes in Australia from leading brands like Kinderfeets and Honeybake. Featuring beautifully painted designs, multi-purpose designs and so much more, our wooden toy boxes are the perfect addition to any child’s playroom.

We offer fast and affordable shipping throughout Australia as well as free shipping on orders over $199. Plus, we offer toy boxes on Afterpay — your little one can play now and you can pay later. Whether it’s coming up to their birthday, a special holiday or you simply need somewhere to store toys, you’ll find the perfect option online with My Happy Helpers.


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