Nana Huchy

Discover the magic of Nan Hutchy soft toys! Handcrafted with love and care, our plush companions offer cuddly comfort and imaginative play for children of all ages. With charming designs and exquisite details, they make the perfect gift for any occasion

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Heirloom Dolls by Nana Huchy - mark the milestones in your little ones life


If you’re looking for timeless soft toys that will stand the test of time, Nana Huchy is just the brand for you. From fairies to ballerinas and all things adorable, these toys are made to be treasured and appreciated. Many of us still hold fond memories of childhood toys well into adulthood, and Nana Huchy toys have the quality to last a lifetime. Get shopping today and pick up the perfect Nana Huchy doll for your little one from My Happy Helpers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nana Huchy’s dolls are a wonderful mix of simple beauty, warmth and purity. Not only do these toys encourage imagination, but they also bring a special value into children’s lives, creating sweet memories that will stay forever. 

Nana Huchy’s dolls, particularly, are a wonderful mix of simple beauty, warmth and purity.  From soft animals such as the Dino dolls, to fairy princesses like Blossom The Fairy, Nana Huchy makes imagination come to life while presenting quality toys that will never be forgotten.  A sweet world of fairytales comes true with Nana Huchy’s toys. Nana Huchy has been creating treasured toys and dolls since 2003, and doing it with passion, creativity and originality. Melbourne-based brand - Nana Huchy - is the brainchild of Lucy Morrison that created a fantasy world where dreams come true.

These toys are crafted from beautiful and soft materials and produced with incredible quality to be able to withstand the test of time and engrave themselves in the memories of a child, filling them with unconditional love for as long as they are needed. Beautiful and simple designs charm the whole family but will definitely be a child favourite.

Nana Huchy Dolls provide a luxurious touch and open your little ones eyes to a world of magic Who doesn’t want to indulge on the fuzzy fur of Eddie The Emu plush that teaches children all about the beautiful species of animals found in Australia, or play with the Baby Lily doll that tell the backstory of a wonderfully talented little woman that runs a child care centre?

All the toys come with a backstory, with a personality that will translate into a more personal experience for each child, likely allowing them to learn with each doll while letting their imagination run free and dream their own dreams.

This collection will be a delight for any child’s collection and are sure to be perfect gifts for any creative young kid. The beautiful fairies, princess, dinosaurs and animals are full of personality and will be a great example for your children, passing on their smiles and great character. These dolls and toys will be a new friend that they can count on.

Let your child be embraced into a world of magic with fairies, dragons, bunnies and princesses with their own complex daily lives whose roles are simply to find a child to love unconditionally and provide the sweetest memories that will be recalled fondly for years to come. These are the kind of toys that never leave our sides, even when years have passed and the stains are visible. Allow your children to experience the same magic and love with Nana Huchy’s incredibly imaginative dolls and toys.