Construction Blocks


If you’re looking for construction blocks, then you’ve come to the right place, as My Happy Helpers is one of the leading brands for high-quality and entertaining toys.

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Kids Construction Blocks for Imaginative Play

The benefits of construction blocks cannot be overstated, given they encourage children to think both imaginatively and critically. At My Happy Helpers, you'll find an extensive range of toys made for construction, including wooden building blocks, colourful and appealing stacking pieces, as well as magnetic creations. It’s safe to say we’re a one-stop-shop for top-notch construction blocks, so get shopping today and see what you can find.

Why buy construction blocks?

Construction blocks have long remained one of the most popular toys for children, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s safe to say they offer the best of both worlds when it comes to engaging kids both intellectually and creatively.  For starters, using construction blocks will help your children learn to problem solve and concentrate on particular tasks to achieve an end result. On top of that, they help to build spatial awareness by introducing children to concepts like shape, size, movement and directions.

Beyond these fundamental concepts, construction blocks help fuel imagination and encourage your little ones to think outside the box and take pride in their unique creations.

How much do construction blocks cost?

Our construction blocks are available at a wide range of price points to suit any family’s budget. For as little as $17.95, you can get your hands on a range of building toys in jungle, farm animals and transportation themes. Meanwhile, you can also pick up products, such as this 50 piece set of corner blocks, that cost between $150 and $350, reflecting the time and care taken in producing a toy set of this calibre.


What are the different types of construction blocks?

At My Happy Helpers, our construction blocks quite literally come in all shapes and sizes. If your child is a budding engineer in the making, they can enjoy toys that encourage them to build their own creations, such as this 50 piece bamboo building set.

If you’re looking to specifically engage your child’s imagination, look no further than items like these bonsais or cave stackers, which can be seamlessly integrated into play in a wide variety of ways. We even have construction blocks that are designed to weather water and outdoor conditions, like this beautiful bamboo set.