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Learn numbers, letters and more with our flashcards for toddlers!

A flashcard is a card bearing information on both sides, which is intended to be used in an aid for memorisation and recognition. My Happy Helpers is excited to announce our new line of educational flash cards to help educate and develop your little one’s mind and body!

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Oh The Things You Can Do and Learn with Flashcards! 

Our education flashcards can be used in a variety of ways to help your toddler develop their cognitive skills on-time or even ahead of schedule.  Your child is only young for a short amount of time. You want to make sure these months are spent making memories, having fun, and providing the support and guidance they need.

What can I do with my Educational Flashcards?

If you are looking for ideas for activities using our educational flashcards, we have whipped up a list to get you started!

Family Flashcard Game Night

  • After a long day at work, it’s easy to give a toddler something to play with and plop down on the couch.    However, you may regret not taking advantage of this time later down the road. Designate one or two nights a week to sit around the kitchen table and play games with our educational flashcards.

Screen Breaks

  • Between TVs, phones, and tablets, there are literally screens everywhere! Our flashcards for toddlers were designed to supply them with a much needed screen break throughout the day. For 30 minutes twice a day, take your toddler away from the TV and play an educational game using our fruit or veggie flash cards.

Exercise Time

  • The current global pandemic has us sitting around a lot more than we should be. It’s important to remember that your child is growing at a rapid rate and needs to keep moving in order to build strength. Scheduling 30 minutes with our yoga flashcards everyday will accomplish this crucial objective as well as teach them about breathing, self-regulation, and self-confidence.

What are the best Flashcards for Toddlers?

Our Toddler Flashcard Range includes : 

Toddler Yoga Cards

  • Help your little one develop strength, flexibility, concentration and balance during their most formative years!

Cognitive Flash Cards - Animal Sounds

  • These cards include bright and vibrant drawings of over 30 common animals and the sounds they make in their natural habitat!

The WeDo Game

  • A game the whole family can enjoy with 30 creative and screen-free activities that bring the family away from the TV and closer to each other!

Cognitive Flash Cards - Fruit

  • A beautifully designed pack of fruit flashcards to help your child understand the food they are eating off their plate every day!

Feelings and Emotions Flashcards

  • Assisting your little bundle in joy in exploring the wide range of feelings and emotions that they experience every single day!

Cognitive Flash Cards - Vegetables

  • Making eating veggies fun again with these brightly coloured food flashcards designed to help them understand the food you are serving them!

What is a Flashcard?

A flashcard is a card bearing information on both sides, which is intended to be used in an aid for memorisation and recognition. Flash Cards are one of the classic study tools and they promote active recall which is one of the methods in which our brains learn most effectively. If you want to help your little one get ahead, consider the use of flashcards to help train their brain through active recall exercises.

Flashcards for toddlers

Flashcards are one of those things every child remembers playing with. Matching coloured objects, items starting with the same letter of the alphabet, people’s faces, and all sorts of matching games. Little did you know that while you were playing that matching game, your curious little minds were forming connections and associations with words and symbols. You were strengthening the memory and logic centres of your brains and growing your deductive reasoning skills.


Flashcards are great because of all the development they provide. From simple alphabet flashcards to learning opposites with The Wiggles, you learn while having fun with the whole family.


Why buy Flashcards?

Flashcards are a fun way to learn, and we have so many different kinds of flashcards to choose from. You can bring them out for a family fun night, pack them when you travel, or even play the flashcard games in the car while driving to your destination.

Playing memory games with flashcards is great because the parents can play too. Who says that just because you’re a parent, you have a better memory than your kids? Can you imagine the glee on your kid’s faces when they beat dad at a memory game?  Grab a pack of Animal flashcards and begin to remember zebras and lions and llamas today!


What are the different types of flashcards?

My Happy Helpers has flashcards for toddlers and preschoolers that can help in many different ways.


Learn about emotions and feelings or how to feel better when you’re under stress with well-being and affirmation cards.


You can learn about outer space or cars and trains and planes, fruits and vegetables, and even learn about time and how to read a clock!


Not only can you enjoy learning about the alphabet, colours and shapes, but you can grow your child’s understanding of the wilder world through flashcards. So many to choose from, great for games with friends and family. Shop now, thanks to My Happy Helpers.