What are the best Build & Construct Toys for Kids?

What are the best Build & Construct Toys for Kids?-My Happy Helpers

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Fun Builder Toys for kids with a Construction Theme

Kids love to pull things apart and build them up again, which is why we LOVE Build and Construction toys.  These types of building toys encourage toddlers to think critically and creatively and encompass all the aspects of STEM -  science, technology, engineering, and math skills.  The best part ? It's all done under the guise of 'play'.
Little ones who love creating their own little scenarios during playtime will adore their very own builder sets. Some construction sets, such as our Bamboo Build & Construct Set with Houses which come beautifully packaged and include various pieces for little ones to enjoy, including ladders and little wooden houses.
If your little ones love interactive play, they will definitely enjoy playing with our educational play building toys that will provide hours of fun as they learn about cause and effect.

Inspire your child’s creativity and imagination with building blocks and toys.

Did you know that since the Covid 19 Pandemic, sales on Building Toys and Building Sets has grown by 59% !!! And with good reason too - as busy parents  scramble to get their kids offline and more engaged with independent, creative play.  
Playing and building with construction toys helps to develop several skills in your little ones, including : 
  • motor skills and hand-eye coordination,
  • spatial skills,
  • a capacity for creative, divergent thinking,
  • social skills, and
  • language skills
Children can integrate construction into all sorts of play scenes and there is evidence that doing so can also advance math skills in later stages of their development. One study in 2014 found that sixth-grade students performed better on math word problems when they spent more of their free time in construction play

Blocks, Gems and Ball Building sets for kids

Colourful and fun, building sets with sparkling Gems can help entice even the most discerning little ones. Wanting to recreate a fairy castle ? Easy done with the Bauspiel Range of Sparkling Building Blocks.
Children become more creative and inventive when they are exposed to variations in Building Materials. Variations could include Sparkling Block Sets, Wooden 'bricks', Bamboo Cylinders and  creative stories. Fantasy Play can most certainly be incorporated into construction play. 
Perhaps you're after a Marble Run to offer enjoyment for your bigger little ones.  Whether your little ones are stacking, sorting or simply making their own patterns, they can have so much fun as they play and develop their motor skills with their building toys.

Shop gorgeous stacker Building Toys for kids

Whether you prefer natural finishes or soft rainbow and pastel colours, your little ones will for sure enjoy our stacker building toys options.
They can “build” their own rainbows, discover how sequences work and simply have fun discovering concepts such as small to big.
To add to the fun of these building toys for kids, mums and dads can also consider including options with peg dolls for fun small world play that is wonderful for imaginative play.
Little ones who love creating their own little scenarios during playtime will adore our builder toys for kids.
Shop the best range of building, build it, build and play and Construction Toys right here. My Happy Helpers are dedicated to providing Australian families with quality building and construction toys. 

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