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Tighten Your Toys: Our top 3 safety tips for toy shopping

Seeing a bright, shiny toy for the first time will let any little one’s eyes light up with excitement. Hours of fun are instantly imagined as your child starts thinking about various playtime scenarios.

Although this excitement is such a sight to behold, it is important for parents to not lose focus when purchasing toys for their kids. Often, some toy designs are not as child-friendly as they should be – forgoing safety standards and choosing pretty designs that are not equally well-made. 

This is why it is super important to only purchase toys and products from companies who adhere to safety standards.

Luckily, it is easy to spot reputable brands and good craftsmanship. In this blog, we are kick-starting an exciting Tighten Your Toys series, where we will share top tips for parents to become savvy toy shoppers.

Today, we have put together 3 top tips for mums and dads to make the most of toy shopping and get fun, safe, and educational toys for your little ones. Read on!

#1. Check play equipment and toys for loose screws and broken pieces

Tiny screws are an instant hazard, especially for babies and toddlers. Screws are common in smaller toys or musical instruments. 

The same goes for broken pieces – the last thing you want is to buy a toy and have it come undone before reaching your child’s playroom! Always check that toys are 100% whole and, even better, that they carry a safety guarantee.


#2. Purchasing a toddler learning stool or climbing frame? Sturdiness is a must!

Toddler learning stools and climbing frames need to be sturdy and support your child’s body weight. Poorly made climbing frames pose a scary risk for injuries, especially if any piece can easily break off and cause a nasty tumble for your little one.

Sharp edges are a big risk too – you don’t want playtime to end with tears and bandages!

Always check that the play equipment you are buying comes from a reputable producer – at My Happy Helpers, we are big supporters of the Pikler range of climbing frames that adhere to strict safety guidelines.

Dont assume that products are safe unless they clearly state they adhere to Standards.

#3. Double-check everything when buying second-hand toys

Second-hand toys can still bring playtime magic to life. A little scuff mark here and there or a small scratch isn’t the worst that can happen; however, loose parts on play frames and wooden toys with broken pieces could pose a safety risk for your child. 

So, ensure the much-loved toy you are considering purchasing is still in good enough condition to be a safe playtime activity. 

At My Happy Helpers, we have a dedicated section for second stock that parents can browse too – with our guarantee for your child’s safety included.

Ready for more toy shopping tips?

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