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Toy vehicles are more than just miniature cars, planes, and boats. They are an introduction to the immersive world of a child’s imagination.

Suddenly the living room floor becomes a racetrack, the bathtub becomes a vast ocean, and the sky is literally the limit. Aside from bringing children immense joy, these toy vehicles also help grow their developmental skills. 


At My Happy Helpers, we have the largest selection of toy vehicles with products like emergency response vehicles to familiarise your little ones with fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars. We’ve also got handcrafted and child-safe wooden vehicles available to choose from. 

When your child plays with our interactive toys, they will benefit from hours of entertainment while also receiving priceless education about the world around them.

Benefits Of Wooden Toys

Our mission is to provide children with the tools they need to develop and succeed. However, we are also focused on providing children with an entertaining and interactive experience that they will enjoy. 

Through our research, we concluded that wooden toys specifically are most beneficial to the safety and development of young children. 

Compared to plastic toys, which usually contain harmful chemicals and substances, wooden toys are made from natural materials. Being made from wood makes these toys sustainable, eco-friendly, and recyclable. 

Wooden toys are often more durable and break less frequently than plastic ones. This leads to fewer choking hazards and a lower risk of kids being hurt by jagged pieces if a toy breaks. 

From a sensory perspective, wooden toys are smooth, warm, and appeal to a child’s senses. Plastic toys, on the other hand, don’t appeal to a child’s sense of touch in the same way and are often hard and cold.

Another great benefit of wooden toys surprisingly lies in their simplicity. Nowadays, toys are so much more advanced. They have all of these extra pieces and compartments, they have amazingly detailed paint jobs, and some even come with sounds and lights. 

All of these things may make toys look better but also provide children with sensory overload and lessen their imagination. A wooden toy gives more to the imagination, which is vital to the cognitive and creative development of a young mind.

Our Favourite Kids Toy Vehicles 

When selecting toys for your children, some serious thought should go into what kinds of toys you are buying. Kids' toys should be as informative as they are entertaining and as fun as they are functional. 

You should also carefully inspect the safety labels on your children’s toys and make sure they are safe before letting them be used.

We chose our favourite wooden toy vehicles by factoring in safety, entertainment, education, and imagination. Below are our top picks for kid’s wooden toy cars, trucks, planes, and boats.

Wooden Toy Car

Our pick for the best wooden toy car is the Natural Wooden Car from Qtoys. This toy car is handmade with excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. Made of non-toxic plantation rubberwood and oiled with beeswax and natural oil, this wooden model is made to look like a Compact Recreational Vehicle (CRV).

This toy is recommended for ages three years and up. By playing with this toy car, your child will develop their fine motor skills and use their imagination for fun, imaginative, and open-ended play. With their simple design and lack of colour, these cars also make the perfect gender-neutral toy that any child can play with.

Wooden Toy Truck


Our wooden toy trucks mimic actual vehicles your child may see outside. By getting them one of these miniatures, they can better understand the world around them and begin to draw inferences. 

The Goki Nature Dump Truck is recommended for young children between the ages of two and three years old. This wooden truck features a combination of light and dark wood with a moveable truck bed. A child can use other small toys to fill up the truck bed and become amazed as the truck bed lifts and dumps them all out. 

Your child can also use their imagination to make truck noises, honk the imaginary horn, and so on. They can do this all while fine-tuning those fine motor skills that are so crucial to their development.

Wooden Toy Plane

Realistically, planes are scary. They are these huge hunks of metal that somehow defy gravity and glide effortlessly through the sky. 

To a young child, that can be a hard concept to wrap their head around. Which is why giving a child a toy plane and watching them experiment with this strange object can help them overcome any fear or misunderstanding regarding aeroplanes. 

Bessie the Wooden Toy Passenger Jet Plane by Bartu is a beautifully constructed plane that comes complete with passenger windows and fully functional wheels. Your child is sure to go on adventures running with Bessie through the house and even exploring outside. This is another fine motor skill developing toy and is recommended for children ages three years and older.

Wooden Toy Boat


What childhood would be complete without pirates sailing the seven seas, yelling ‘Ahoy!’ and ‘Arrrgghhh’ the whole time? 

Qtoys’ Wooden Pirate Ship comes with accessories and two dolls to play with for endless fun! Sturdy in its construction, it is made from child-safe Acacia and Lychee wood.

This ship encourages imaginative play and is recommended for ages three and up. With sails, a ladder, and more, the Wooden Pirate Ship would make an excellent birthday or Christmas gift for an adventurous and energetic toddler.

Shop Our Full Range Of Wooden Toy Vehicles  

If you are looking for the absolute best wooden toy vehicles, then look no further. My Happy Helpers has an extensive list of entertaining and educational toys.

These toys will keep your child occupied for hours on end while still teaching them the fundamentals that are so important to their development. 

If your child is car crazy and full of wonder, browse through our toy vehicles catalogueand find your little one’s new favourite toy!

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