Mother’s Day craft ideas for a present mum will never forget

Mother’s Day craft ideas for a present mum will never forget | My Happy Helpers Pty Ltd

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It’s time to spoil mum on her big day! 

Mother’s Day is always a special time, whether she’s a first-time mum or a mum of toddlers and older kids. Breakfast in bed and loads of treats are usually on the cards, but how about spoiling her with a home-made craft gift, specially made by her little ones?

In this blog, we share some of our favourite Mother’s Day craft ideas that promise lots of fun for young gift makers (with a little bit of help from dads and partners, of course).

#1. A framed ‘mum and me’ hand-drawn picture

Help your little one capture one of their favourite memories or moments they’ve experienced with mum. Did they bake a batch of cookies together or did they do some gardening? 


Ensure that your little one has loads of colourful crayons to make their picture come to life and watch as their precious memories take shape with each stroke. When the picture is completed, you can put it in a pretty frame and help your little one wrap the present for mummy. 

#2. An envelope filled with mummy’s day off ‘vouchers’

Who doesn’t love a gift voucher?!


Help your little one to create and draw the perfect envelope-sized gift vouchers on pieces of paper - which mum can, of course, cash in immediately! Let your little one draw a picture of a cuppa for one voucher for a steaming cup of coffee, or lots of hearts for 10 little one hugs! 


Add some stickers for fun and watch mum’s face light up on Mother’s Day when she sees all her treats that are in store.

#3. A crown for the queen of the house

A sweet crown for mum emblazoned with the words ‘Queen’ and her name will truly make mum feel like royalty. 


Get you little one some colourful cardboard and crepe paper for faux flowers to make her crown. She is bound to love this thoughtful gift! For extra pizzazz, you can add some child-friendly glitter glue to make mum’s crown sparkle.

#4. Last but not least: don’t forget to have some imaginative play fun too!

Is your little one a budding barista? Let them set up their own little play coffee station so that mum can ‘place’ her coffee order! Latte and cookies? Cappuccino with cream? Let mum decide!


And if your little one is up for it, help them design a pre-set Mother’s Day feast menu that they can give for mum – complete with pictures and decorations!

Feel like rewarding your little one too?

Having worked so hard to make mum’s day extra special, your little ones surely deserve a little treat too! Check out some ideas to reward little present makers with MyHappyHelpers.

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