Best Fairy Toys for Kids

Best Fairy Toys for Kids

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We all know that children have active imaginations and curious minds. The world they live in is filled with wonder and enchantment, which is why fairies and the kingdoms from which they hail are so appealing to toddlers and young children. Role playing with fairy toys can transport children to other magical worlds, stimulating their creativity and encouraging imaginative play. There are all kinds of fairy toys to engage young minds: fairy wands, costumes, figurines, play sets, puzzles, games, colouring books, craft sets, and other accessories. Young children will be delighted with all these magical lands to discover and fairy gardens to explore.

How to Choose the Best Fairy Toy?

With so many fairy products on the market, it can be tricky to choose the best fairy toy for your child. But don’t fear, we’re here to help! When shopping for a fairy toy, there are a few key things to consider, including:  your budget, the quality of the product, how durable it is, what age range the product is appropriate for, and of course, whether you think the product is suitable for your little one. We’ll explore all these considerations in more detail below. 

Value for Money

Not every product out there is worth the price tag listed on it. It’s important to compare prices and products at different stores. The market for fairy toys is very competitive, so it’s good to shop around and consider what you are paying for. 

The Reviews

Reviews left by parents and other shoppers are a goldmine for figuring out what toys are most popular, most loved, and the best value for money. Reviews can also provide helpful information about different sellers such as delivery speed, how the product arrived, the quality of packaging, etc. If you can, take the time to read product reviews before you purchase. 

Suitability for your Kids

Children have unique personalities and interests. A toy that stimulates one child might be boring to another and vice versa. No one knows your child like you do, so don’t get drawn in by toy crazes and trends, because they might not hold your child’s attention for very long. Instead, think about how suitable a toy is for your child, taking into consideration how they like to play and interact with their toys. 


Pay close attention to the materials used in the product you’re looking to buy. A toy used and played with daily needs to be far more durable than a toy that’s ornamental or purely for display purposes. Also, when shopping, keep in mind who you are shopping for. Boisterous, active children that enjoy physical play will need more durable toys than children who prefer more laid-back indoor play.  


There’s nothing worse than investing time and money into what you think will be a perfect toy and then finding out that the quality is completely lacking. This is something to be especially mindful of when online shopping because you can’t see and touch the toy. Again, this is where product reviews can save the day. They will help you decipher the flimsy from the sturdy, and the long-lasting from the short-lived.  

Our Best Fairy Toys

It’s a misconception that fairy toys are delicate, dainty, and for little girls alone. Fairy toys hold appeal for all children, irrespective of their age and gender because the appeal of fairies is universal.  At My Happy Helpers, we have magical fairy toys for every budget, age, gender, and interest. Whether your child enjoys solitary, adventurous, imaginative, or active play, we have a suitable toy for them. 

Fairy Dolls

Fairy dolls are a classic and timeless addition to any toy collection. We have many beautifully crafted fairy dolls to choose from. 

Soft Toy Ballerina

Once your child has finished playing and dancing with Betty, she can be propped on a shelf and admired for her elegant beauty.

Fairy Soft Toy

Florence is a beautifully crafted 54cm fairy doll with fabric wings. A unique fairy that’s acclimated to the snow, she spends her time spreading joy, wonder, and fairy dust to everyone she encounters. 

Soft Toy for Girls

Fleur Bella is the ultimate fairy doll companion. She is fashionable, a great listener, and can be taken almost anywhere. 

Fairy Puzzles

Fairy puzzles are perfect for active and inquisitive minds. The feeling of accomplishment at the end will surely leave your child asking for another. 

Fairy Castle Puzzle

Encourage a love of puzzles with this wooden 48-piece fairy princess jigsaw-puzzle. 

Mermaid Craft

This mix and match mermaid craft set is a great activity for creative children. 

Fairy Tale Sets

Every fairy princess needs a place to call home, right? It’s only fitting that a fairy’s home should be as magical and enchanting as the fairy herself!

Fairytale Wooden Toys

This 32-piece wooden play set includes 12 interlocking fairy tale themed buildings and 20 popular fairy tale characters. 

Winter Fairy Set

This exquisite 23-piece winter fairy wonderland will enthral any imaginative mind.

Wooden Fairytale Castle 

This 75-piece fairytale tower set can be combined with other Bauspiel building blocks to create fairy castles and other magical scenes. 

Fairy Wands

Fairy wands are the perfect addition to any play set. Who doesn’t want to be able to use a wand to cast a spell every now and then?!

Magical Wand Kit

This wand kit allows children to create their own wand masterpieces with the pastel-coloured clay, cream, beads, and gemstones provided. 

Princess Dance Ribbon

For toddlers on the move, this princess dance ribbon will provide endless delight for children that love to dance, twirl, and spin. 

Rainbow Wand

Another bright and colourful ribbon wand for young children to dance around and play with. 

Shop Our Range of Fairy Toys Today

My Happy Helpers is devoted to spreading joy to children of all ages. We pride ourselves on producing unique, innovative, and high-quality toys. Our range of fairy toys are designed to meet the needs of young children and to inspire healthy, imaginative play. Browse through our extensive collection today.

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