Benefits of Kitchen & Cooking Play for Preschoolers, Toddlers and Babies

Benefits of Kitchen & Cooking Play for Preschoolers, Toddlers and Babies

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Kids' kitchen sets are an amazing way to introduce your child to kitchen play, cooking, and baking in a fun, welcoming way! Combining imaginative and cooperative play in a kids' kitchen set provides crucial skills to help develop your child's learning and understanding of their little world. 

At My Happy Helpers, we believe in encouraging a child's curiosity and creativity through imaginative play. From developing motor skills, fostering creativity and encouraging independent problem-solving – the benefits of kitchen play for kids are endless! 

We'll break down the wonderful developmental benefits of imaginative kitchen play for toddlers and young children - or explore our range of toy kitchens and kids' kitchen sets to jump into imaginative play.

What are the Different Types of Kitchen Toys?

Kids Tea Sets

Since the popular children's classic Alice in Wonderland was written in the mid-1800s, tea parties have captured the wonder and imagination of children and adults alike. 

Tea parties and tea sets are fantastic for imaginative play and role playing while encouraging young children's fine and gross motor skills. A tea set gives your child the creative freedom to create narratives with their toys while mimicking everyday actions they've seen you do yourself. It fosters movement and creativity while requiring very little equipment aside from their favourite tea set and an active imagination. 

Wooden Tea Set

The My Happy Helpers range of bespoke wooden, tin, and porcelain tea sets is the perfect tea-time companion for your child.

Kids Play Kitchens

All future foodies should have a play kitchen set to foster their love for cooking, baking, and creating. 

Kids Toy Kitchen

Kids' play kitchen sets are a great stepping stone into the world of cooking with real food. Kitchen play not only fosters creativity, but it can be a learning experience that helps teach young children how to use kitchen appliances, tools, and materials in a safe environment. 

Start their culinary journey with our Mini Chef Home Kitchen (perfect for play kitchen ideas for preschool) or our Modern Kitchenette for older little chefs. You can even let them explore the fresh markets with their own grocery trolley to experience the farm-to-plate journey. 

Kids Baking Kits

Baking makes maths fun! Encouraging kids to bake helps them understand measurements, weights, and fractions as they scoop flour, sift sugar, and count eggs. 

Kids Baking Set

The My Happy Help
ers kids baking sets are perfect for children of any age who love baking. Start with classic wooden baking toy sets for the very young baker, and move on to a My Happy Helpers baking set, complete with cookie cutters, baking trays, and whisks as they grow in confidence and ability. And you just know they'll look darn cute in matching aprons

Benefits of Kitchen & Cooking Play

The benefits of cooking in early childhood and exploring kitchen play will help your child develop lifelong skills, including motor skills and emotional, social, and team-building skills.

Creativity & Imagination

Kids will create stories to give life to their dolls as they serve from their brand new tea set or eagerly serve you the imaginary food they've made you from their play kitchen. Kitchen roleplay for kids encourages them to be creative, while imaginative play – such as exploring play kitchens – helps develop your child's social and emotional skills.

Social Skills

Toy Cafe Set
Whether playing with other kids over a tea set or spending time in the kitchen with you, imagination play helps a child develop their language and social skills by creating and navigating play scenarios.

In a kids' play kitchen, your child may take on the role of waiter and chef to emulate real-world social situations or host a high-tea with their friends and toys. These moments can be fundamental to your child's social development and a fun, playful experience for them. 

Shape Recognition

The best way to teach kids new shapes is to get hands-on. This can help familiarise them with new shapes, smells, and textures while encouraging learning with all our senses! Creating a fun, welcoming environment and fostering kitchen roleplay is a fantastic opportunity to teach kids about new foods, textures, and tools.

Fine Motor Skills

Wooden Muffins on Tray

Motor skills are often defined as either 'gross' or 'fine'. Where gross motor skills refer to large muscle movements, such as walking, fine motor skills help children grasp objects, tie shoes, and play with toys. 

Kitchen roleplay can help enhance fine motor skills by using small tools, such as whisks and cookie cutters, and teaching kids valuable kitchen safety techniques in a safe, playful environment.

Cooperation with Others

Like imaginative play, cooperative play is a great way to help young kids develop their social and motor skills. 

Cooperative play is when children play together towards a common or shared goal. It improves emotional regulation, language, and teamwork skills. Kitchen play can be a great chance to team up (think sous chef and head chef!), form friendships, and develop lifelong social skills.

Problem Solving Skills

Wooden Salad Set
Imaginative and cooperative play encourages critical thinking and problem solving by presenting children with a goal that needs to be solved or achieved. And popular parenting approaches, such as the Montessori method, even encourage a 'hands-off, relaxed approach that encourages children to make and fix their own mistakes. 

In kitchen roleplaying, kids have the freedom to independently explore solutions to potential problems, such as finding alternative ingredients if something is missing or replacing one kitchen tool with another to achieve the same result.

Literacy and Language

Literacy is one of the most vital skills young kids can develop. Kitchen roleplay lets kids discover names for new foods, tools, and objects, create narratives, and develop creative story-telling skills. 

With improved vocabulary, kids learn to express themselves clearly and more confidently through kitchen play and food. 

Why stop at imaginative kitchen play? The My Happy Helpers range of literacy and language toys is designed to entertain and educate children at any stage of their literacy journey.

Key Takeaways

Ready to leap into the world of imaginative kitchen play? We're right here with you. Kitchen roleplay for kids has many benefits, from developing vital life skills, forming meaningful relationships and fostering creativity and social skills that will last a lifetime.

From classic tea sets to a fully equipped play kitchen set (which can be fitted out with one of our many real baking sets designed for kids), My Happy Helpers has everything you and your child need to start exploring the world of kitchen play.
Want to know more? Contact our team of Happy Helpers to answer all your kitchen play questions.

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