Educational & fun: our top 5 picks for the best toys for a two-year-old

Educational & fun: our top 5 picks for the best toys for a two-year-old | My Happy Helpers Pty Ltd

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At two-years-old, your toddler has done a lot of exploring, learning, and discovering! No longer unsteady on their feet, they are strutting their stuff and playing more confidently with their toys.

Your little one is now ready to take on more challenging toys - easy to figure out, but lots of educational playtime fun! 

We’ve put together the ultimate list for mums and dads looking to pick up some new educational toys for their growing toddler. Read on for our top six educational picks! 

#1. B is for balance bike

Little balance bikes are perfect preludes for bike riding. They offer a world of opportunities for your toddler to kick off, push forward, and hold on tight! 

Using a balance bike will help them build upper body strength and improve their balance. Choose one in their favourite colour and they will soon beg you to go out to the garden for a ride.

#2. Get sandwich savvy

A little sandwich playset not only elevates your toddler’s imaginative play – and it teaches them healthy eating habits, too! 

As they stack their toy sandwich full of ham, eggs, tomato, and other goodies, mum and dad can tell them about the benefits of healthy eating. They will without a doubt enjoy creating different sandwich variations – and offering you a taste to try!

#3. Zoom around with creative car play

Playing with toy cars is such a treat – even more so when these toys are beautifully made and easy to grab, push, and pull. 

This set of six toy cars will give your child’s creativity flight and provide so much joy during imaginative role play and pretend play. Watch as they navigate the little cars or even direct a bit of traffic on their own!

#4. Puzzle playtime

Once the puzzle bug bites, your little one will never get enough of sorting and sliding each piece into its correct slot. 

Children love this fun puzzle - not just a colourful playset to exercise their puzzle skills, but also a lovely problem-solving tool that will teach them about different items that belong together.

 #5. Real-life play perfection

Little ones love real-life play and will have lots of fun acting out scenarios of situations they have seen before. 

Kids with handyman dads who can fix anything from the stove to the sink will have tons of fun showing they are just as adept as dad with their own little tool belt. It’s a perfect set to improve fine motor skills and problem-solving skills – especially when they need to figure out which tool they need to “fix” what is “broken”!

However, if your little one is more of a foodie than a handyman, they will love a wooden breakfast set. This is a gorgeous imaginative play set that they can enjoy to their heart’s content as they eagerly prepare breakfast for mum, dad or their favourite teddy. 

To add to the real-life fun, this little toaster has a pop-up function too – your little one will feel like they are preparing the best breakfast in the world!

Playtime is sorted for your curious little two-year-old!

Make the most of every playtime with your two-year-old - but remember to let them set the pace when it comes to their prowess for handling different toys. 

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