Our top picks: 5 of the best educational toys for a one-year-old

Our top picks: 5 of the best educational toys for a one-year-old | My Happy Helpers Pty Ltd

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Your little one’s first year is an amazing time. It is almost unreal how many milestones baby boys and girls reach in 12 short months! 

From their first smile and crawling adventure to cautious little steps, your smartphone’s memory is without a doubt packed with precious memories.

With your little one’s first birthday in sight, it is a great opportunity to consider some educational toys to help them continue learning at a pace they find comfortable and can enjoy.

After all, educational play needn’t be hard work – learning can be lots of fun!

In this blog, we share five of the best educational toys for one year olds, guaranteed to provide hours of fun playtime for your growing boy or girl. Discover colourful, eye-catching, and 100% educational toys - read on!

#1. A zippy ride for active little bodies

Once babies are mobile and learning to walk, there is no stopping them! 

A little roadster they can hop onto and “drive” around will help them develop their muscles and strength to be sturdier on their feet. 

It is also a lovely toy to teach toddlers about cause and effect – they will learn that certain actions will help them move their car forward, but they can also turn it around or “reverse” it, too! 

With its super comfortable seating, your little one will enjoy hours of zippy fun with this cute little ride.

#2. A tasty fruit themed puzzle

Fabulous, fruity, and fun, your growing baby will love the peek-a-boo fun of pulling each puzzle piece out to reveal what is underneath. 

This colourful fruit puzzle is perfect for developing concentration and fine motor skills - plus each piece is sized to make it easy for little hands to lift, grasp, examine and put them back into place.

#3. Sort, stack, and solve!

Sorting blocks in colourful shapes and sizes will engage your toddler’s attention for years to come. 

This is a great playset to introduce one-year-olds to the concepts of shapes and colours. They will get a kick out of letting the shapes slide down each of the little sticks and even matching their sequence up with the puzzle provided once they get more comfortable with their puzzle!

#4. Peg doll delight

At one year old, your little one is ready for small world play - what better way to ignite their imagination than with colourful peg dolls

Sized perfectly for little hands, your child can sort and match these peg figures with one another or even with other rainbow stacking toys if they have them.

They are delightful open-ended playtime buddies and will remain favourite playtime companions for a long time.

#5. A pretty pram for their own little baby

This lightweight, retro-inspired  push pram not only looks gorgeous in your child’s playroom – it is also a fun toy for your baby to learn and develop their muscles as they push the pram around the nursery. 

Designed to spark your little one’s imagination, it will be the ultimate treat watching them push their plush toys around in the pram - safely tucked in, of course! 

For little ones who have just started walking, it will be a walking aid too as they grip tight onto the handle.

One year down, lots of learning opportunities to come!

Our top five list of educational toys is a great starting point to help your one-year-old make the most of educational playtime.

For even more playtime fun and inspiration, make sure to visit our homepage and start exploring opportunities for your little one to play and grow.

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