Australian-Owned Montessori Inspired Toys

At My Happy Helpers we have a carefully curated list of kids Wooden educational toys, wooden play toys and learning resources for the babies and toddlers in your life.

The best kids toys are more than just games and fun. The best toys offer your children some of the very best opportunities to learn, to enagage their senses, to spark their imaginations and to encourage them to interact and share with others.

Carefully selected toys encourage role play, they can also encourage language, number and colour identification and most of all, carefully selected toys can give your toddlers the headstart and opportunity that comes from having fun, whilst learning new concepts and ideas. Shop our hand picked range below.

Why you should buy Wooden Toys for Toddlers

Wooden toys seem to last almost forever, with many well-loved favourites passed down from generation to generation. Wooden toddler toys are also environmentally friendly and break down in landfill without any need for hazardous toxins. Another reason why it looks better on the eyes is that it brings a little bit of nature into your home. A wooden toy produces a calming effect, unlike the cold look of plastic and some of the best toddler wooden toys are open ended toys that promote the use of your toddlers mind and creativity. Classic wood toys are timeless and need only the child’s curiosity and imagination to function.

Explore our range of educational toys and curated wooden toy selection

My Happy Helpers are committed to providing Australian families with affordable and safe toys. If you would like to buy wooden toys, birthday gifts or are interested in the different types of resources we have for sale, browse our selection or email our team to learn more about our products.