Your little ones will learn the basics of day-to-day life with our range of Montessori Practical Life activities

Practical life is purposeful activity that develops skills  essential to practical, everyday life. These specific activities are designed to develop motor control, co-ordination, independence, concentration and a real sense of responsibility in your toddlers everyday life. 

Children observe these everyday actions in their immediate environment and want to be involved. There's no better way to involve your child and build a lasting bond, than completing these tasks side by side. Enable your little ones with the right resources to help them to complete the task themselves, and watch their self esteem soar!
Generally the activiteis of Practical Life revolve around four key areas.

- Caring for the Self

- Caring for the Environment

- Grace and Courtesy and

- Movement of objects


The one area that encompasses all four areas above, is food. My Happy Helpers has a huge range of toys and resources designed to help you on your Practical Life Journey. If there are other products you'd love to see here, please email us as

Our range of practical life toys