Jigsaw Puzzles

Kids Jigsaw Puzzles

A jigsaw puzzle is an excellent way to spend a rainy weekend afternoon with your kids. It is also a brilliant way to educate while being playful. They learn how to think laterally, to connect obscure shapes into a whole piece of art.

Jigsaws can give you a sense of accomplishment. They challenge you, and then when you complete it, you feel fantastic for overcoming the challenge. This gives kids a sense of achievement and power, knowing they can do cool stuff!

My Happy Helpers has a range of puzzles, from 48 pieces to 100 piece pirate jigsaws. You can find some alphabet jigsaw puzzles or colourful wooden jigsaw puzzles, which double as fun animal toys.

Shop through our range, find a puzzle to challenge, and reward your children today.

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Why buy jigsaw puzzles for kids?

Jigsaws help teach kids problem-solving skills, figuring out where each piece fits with the whole, and then solving the puzzle and producing an awesome picture.

These problem-solving skills and lateral thinking skills help stretch a child's thinking. Puzzles give children the confidence to tackle problems that can initially seem too hard for them.

Jigsaw puzzles for children also have them ‘making art’. They get to put the art together, a colourful picture. They can also have them learn letters and numbers in an interactive way. We have an educational numbers jigsaw puzzle where kids can visualise numbers and connect them together, reinforcing the learning. So empowering.

How much do jigsaw puzzles cost?

Given the benefits to a child’s capacity to learn, jigsaw puzzles make great value gifts. We have puzzles that can educate kids about the countries of the world or the planets in the solar system. How about a great way to learn about the organs in the human body?

This kind of education sticks in their minds because it is fun to learn, and they can play with the puzzles over and over again, sharing them with you too.

The cost for jigsaw puzzles in our store can be less than $10 a puzzle for a kangaroo or a koala puzzle.

What are the different types of jigsaw puzzles?

The range of puzzles in our store is amazing, with beautiful works of art, puzzles to learn numbers, or the alphabet. You can build a spaceship or a fire engine.

We have some fun puzzles with colourful insects or pirates and a travel case puzzle for when you’re on a road trip.

There are so many more puzzles in our collection, ready to challenge your child’s motor skills and reasoning abilities. Shop today