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Educational Toys

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We have a great range of online educational toys for Australian kids and toddlers

My Happy Helpers is proud to provide quality educational and wooden learning toys to Australian families. Educational toys are designed to fine tune your child’s motor skills and encourage them to see learning as a fun and joyful experience. You can conveniently browse and buy our educational toys online.


What are educational and learning toys?

The basic function of a toy is to create a fun environment for playing. Educational Toys have the distinct advantage of helping your little one to develop fundamental skills such as problem solving, conflict resolution and the impact of cause and effect.  Our Montessori inspired educational toys for Toddlers are the ideal gift for kids who crave knowledge and learning. Whether its educational toys for mathematics, language or practical life skills, we have it all. 

What are the best Educational toys for a 1yr old?

What are the best Educational Toys for a 2yr old?

Browse our range of Educational and Learning Toys Online

My Happy Helpers are dedicated to providing Australian families with quality educational toys and wooden learning toys for children. If you would like to purchase or are interested in the different types of wooden Educational Toys we have for sale, browse our selection or email our team for more information about the products.