Wooden Cars, Trucks and Trains

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Air Powered Boat
Car Play Set
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Goki Nature Dump Truck
Goki Nature Cement Mixer
Wooden CRV Car
2 Tone Zig Zag Racing Cars
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Classic Calm Rolling Car
Calm and Breezy Wooden Car
Large Wooden Gnome Car
Connetix 24-Piece Car Pack

We have an exciting range of wooden toy cars and wooden toy trucks for Australian kids

Do you have a car or truck obsessed child at home? Then you’re in the right place! My Happy Helpers is thrilled to provide a great range of wooden toy cars and trucks to Australian families. You will be sure to find something online that will please even the most discerning wooden toy fan.


My Happy Helpers Collection of Cars, Trucks and Automobiles features everything from car plate and bowl sets, to racing car play mats, stacking trucks designed to enhance fine motor skills and ride on cars designed to promote gross motor skills.


Wooden Toy Cars and Wooden Trucks are also beneficial for your little ones physical development, but they also encourage and develops their cognitive abilities.

 As your child plays and rolls the toy cars around, they can observe how quickly they move depending on how much pressure they use or how they roll over a straight surface as opposed to a ramp. Toy push cars can also help to develop your child’s fine motor skills once they start to open and close car doors, put people into trucks and more.


Explore our range of wooden cars and wooden trucks today


My Happy Helpers are committed to providing Australian kids with an excellent range of safe wooden car and truck toys. If you would like to purchase or are interested in the different types of wooden toy cars and trucks that we have for sale, check out our selection or email our friendly team to find out more.