What are the Honey & Mumford learning styles for toddlers?

What are the Honey & Mumford learning styles for toddlers? | My Happy Helpers Pty Ltd

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What are the Honey & Mumford learning styles for toddlers?

Every parent knows that each child has their own characteristic way of learning more about the world around them. There truly is no ‘copy and paste’ when you compare little ones’ behaviours – after all, this is what makes our children so unique!

However, one way of looking at your toddler’s learning preference is through the lens of Honey and Mumford. Peter Honey and Alan Mumford - colleagues who met in the 1970s - identified four learning styles that are not only relevant to adults, but kids too!

These learning styles are a great learning tool for parents to understand how their children absorb information and how their learning styles might differ from how mum and dad would see things.

In this blog, we’ve summed up Honey and Mumford’s learning styles - take a look, you might just recognise your little ones’ learning pattern!


 Child on Indoor Slide

#1. Activists

They get involved and engross themselves in every activity. They aren’t afraid to try new things – they are keen to learn more! 

Activists also love teamwork and working together with their friends. Playtime with their besties would surely be one of their favourite activities, whether playing mini soccer or taking turns to go down a slide!

 Kids Dinosaur Puzzle

#2. Theorists

These little ones are logical thinkers. They love reading stories and getting background information. 

Creativity is not one of their favourite things, but they do like activities that allow them to ask questions about the world around them. A typical activity that they would love is learning more about their favourite dinosaur, what it ate, and where it lived.

 Child Learning Tower

#3. Reflectors

Have you ever seen how your child quietly observes how you are preparing lunch or dinner? Chances are they are reflectors – which means they learn by watching and thinking about what is happening. 

Reflectors are the kids who think before they act and they are quite comfortable watching from the side-lines. Playing with shapes and learning the differences between them, or watching how mum makes dinner before they engage in making their own “meals” would be typical activities they would enjoy.

Sand Scoop Play

#4. Pragmatists

When these little guys learn something, they want to put it into practice! 

They are practical little ones who prefer real-life scenarios to abstract games. They would sometimes play around with different techniques when playing and ponder how this relates to the world around them. 

Playing with a sand or water scoop would give them such a thrill as they put into practice the concepts of scooping and pouring!


Did you recognise your little learner in any of these four learning styles?

The Honey and Mumford learning styles are great guides to shape your little ones’ educational development in a way that makes sense to them during playtime. So, start the journey with them and start exploring today – get all the playtime inspiration and educational toys you need with MyHappyHelpers!

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