5 fun & easy paper craft ideas for kids

5 fun & easy paper craft ideas for kids-My Happy Helpers

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It’s no secret that kids love paper crafts. 

This fun, open-ended activity allows them to express their creativity with pint-sized art projects and colourful creations while also minimising screen time as they are engrossed in their paper creations.

Another perk of paper craft time - mums and dads do not need tons of art supplies to feed their little ones art craving. All it takes is a few essentials like cardboard, crayons, paper, and child-friendly non-toxic glue - plus, there are loads of items around the house that can double as art playtime, like macaroni and the highlighters from mum or dad’s home office.

Need some ideas to keep your little ones inspired at playtime? We’ve collected five of our favourite paper craft designs that your children (with a little help from mum and dad) will love creating during indoor playtime. They’re easy for the younger ones and guarantee hours of playtime fun, even after their designs are finished!

#1. A cloud rainbow

What your little one will need: White cardboard for the cloud face, crayons to draw eyes, cardboard in various rainbow colours, child-friendly glue, and scissors.

Creating a cloud rainbow will give imaginative children so much joy as their sweet little creations come to life. Let your child draw a cloud shape on white cardboard first. Then, let them draw eyes and a smile on their cloud character.

If they need a little help with cutting out the face, mum and dad can lend a hand, but make sure you do not take over - it is important that they get the chance to try too, as this will help them exercise their  fine motor and scissor skills.

Next, let them cut out colourful hardboard strips that they can line-up and paste at the back of their cloud to create a cascade of rainbow beams. Let it dry and, if your children are keen, paste it on their playroom or bedroom doors – it is a beautiful reminder for them of how creative they are!

#2. A beautiful butterfly

What your little one will need: Leftover toilet paper rolls, crayons to draw the butterfly’s eyes, cardboard for the butterfly wings and antennas, colourful paper for the butterfly’s body, child-friendly glue, and scissors.

Often some of the best art supplies we have at home are materials we are about to throw in the bin! Leftover toilet paper rolls needn’t go in the trash – your little one can use them to create a super cute paper butterfly with them!

First, let your creative little artist draw the outline of the butterfly wings. Don’t worry if the wings are crooked or imperfect – it is all part of art fun!

Once they’ve drawn the wings, let them cut the wings out and set them aside.

Get the toilet paper roll and help them choose a paper colour for the butterfly’s body.

They can cut out the correct size, and then stick it on the roll.

When dry enough, they can draw the eyes and face onto the butterfly, then stick on the antennas – they can cut these from the cardboard to make it a little sturdier.

Then it is time to stick the butterfly’s body to its wings.

For a final touch, your children can decorate their butterfly’s wings with tiny paper shapes or by drawing on the designs – the choice is theirs!


#3. Paper plate bunnies

What your little one will need: paper plates, crayons to draw the bunny’s eyes, face and nose, cardboard for its ears and whiskers, child-friendly glue, and scissors.
Creating an adorable bunny face with a paper plate is super easy.
First, let your little one choose a colour for their bunny’s whiskers and ears, and then let them draw and cut out the shapes. Then, fold a paper plate in half, glueing the two halves together to help the two sides stay put.
Add the ears and whiskers, then watch as your child draws on a cute little bunny face!
Once done, your child can have loads of fun playing with their paper bunny – or even gift them as sweet little presents for their grannies and grandads.

#4. Ice cream with “sprinkles”

What your little one will need: cardboard for the little ice cream cone and topping, crayons to draw a little face on if they choose to, leftover bits and bobs of craft materials, child-friendly glue, and scissors.

Crafting can sometimes get a little messy, but there is an opportunity here as well – to create a fun ice cream picture with leftover paper or cardboard added as sprinkles on top!

Let your little one draw a big triangle on a piece of cardboard and then let them cut it out. Next, let them draw the tell-tale shape of ice cream topping – they can do one “flavour” or a couple of “scoops”!

They can draw a little face on if they like before sticking the cone body and pieces together.

Now comes the fun part: let them choose “sprinkles” from all their leftover materials.

They will have so much fun creating their little ice cream treats, plus there will be less paper waste in their playroom or the living room.

#5. Fan-tastic!

What your little one will need: cardboard, crayons to draw designs on, leftover bits and bobs are craft materials, craft “jewels”, ice cream sticks, sticky tape, child-friendly glue, and scissors.

Fans are so much fun and a beautiful opportunity for your children to truly get creative.

Start by helping your child fold a piece of cardboard into sections to create the signature fan-shape. Then, gather the edges at the bottom and squeeze them together - just about a thumb’s length.

Place an ice cream stick onto this section and wrap sticky tape around it – this will help the fan to keep its shape.

Now your little one can decorate their fan to their heart’s content – they can add “jewel” beads, draw on their own unique designs with crayons, or even stick on extra leftover craft bits.

Ready to get creative?

Craft time is a lovely alternative to screen time and will help your little one develop valuable skills such as improving concentration and problem-solving.

So, let them have fun and express themselves like the little artists they are!

For more super fun playtime and paper craft ideas for kids, check out some more of  our blogs, or shop online for fun, educational toys for children. 

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