Best Toys & Presents for 1 Year Olds

Best Toys & Presents for 1 Year Olds-My Happy Helpers

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Are you searching for the Best Toys & Presents for 1 Year Olds ? We've got you covered !

However, it’s never too early to surround your child with toys that will encourage both their physical and mental development. Whether you want to help improve their fine and gross motor skills or motivate them to gain independence and problem-solve, we’ve got the best presents for a 1-year-old at My Happy Helpers. By investing in quality toys today, you’re setting your toddler up for a bright future. It’s easy to tell ourselves that our little ones won’t remember the toys we give them at 1 year old. After all, they’re not even old enough to let us know which their favourites are.


Toys For 1-Year-Old Boys

If you’re wondering what to buy a 1-year-old boy but aren’t sure where to start, it’s important to consider their stage of development. After their first birthday, little ones are far more aware of their surroundings than they once were and will begin to question how things work.

It’s crucial to nurture their emerging curiosity by giving them baby boy toys that move, make noises and require them to press buttons. 


The most suitable types of interactive toys for a 1-year-old include items like age-appropriate puzzles and building blocks. On top of that, you can encourage creativity by providing them with musical and imaginative play toys.

It’s also essential to keep in mind that gender expectations shouldn’t limit children, and your little boy will benefit just as much from playing with things like dolls as trucks.

Toys For 1-Year-Old Girls 

There are several toys for a 1-year-old girl that will set them up for success. Even at the tender age of a year old, your little girl will be beginning to develop her critical thinking skills and engage the senses of sight, sound and touch.

That’s why we recommend toys that feature bright colours, encourage movement and involve both logic and creativity. 

Some of the most beneficial baby girl toys include rattles and musical instrument toys, soft toys that lead to imaginative play and items that encourage sharing, such as building blocks.

Teaching your toddlers how to cooperate with others while playing will ensure they’re socially prepared for when they start daycare or kindergarten. 

Best Presents For 1-Year-Olds

The best toys for a 1-year-old are those that will encourage creativity, promote problem-solving skills and introduce the basics of literacy and numeracy. Some of the products that are most likely to provide your child with these benefits include wooden, educational and musical toys. 


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