5 thoughtful & unique baby shower gifts you can buy today

5 thoughtful & unique baby shower gifts you can buy today | My Happy Helpers Pty Ltd

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A baby shower is one of the most beautiful traditions in the world.

The unparalleled excitement for a mum-to-be to welcome her new baby into the world is made all the more real when friends and family gather to celebrate the little one’s imminent arrival.

Above beautiful décor and special confectionery, this joyous occasion would not be complete without a special present or two for the expectant mum. However, it can be a bit of challenge for loved ones attending who are not sure what to buy.

Sometimes, expectant mums have a registry where you can choose from a list of gifts, but it is not always a given. So, what do you do when mum doesn’t have a wishlist for you to choose from?

There are two important things to consider before you start shopping: the mum-to-be’s preferred style and what she still needs to complete her baby’s nursery.

Preferred style could be mum’s preference for her child’s accessories, or how she has put together her baby’s nursery.

It is always a good idea to check in with her sister, mother, or mother-in-law who are organising the baby shower and to ask them privately what your friend still needs for her baby.

Once you’ve got this information, you can start shopping to your heart’s content for a unique baby shower gift. Here are some of our top picks to get you started!

#1. A cute little swan named Brodie

Gorgeously fluffy and cute, Brodie is a perfect future playmate for a little boy or girl.

He will simply look adorable perched on the dresser or a special nursery shelf, and when your friend’s little one is older, they can start having adventures together!

#2. An adorable wooden toy box

With its soft colour scheme and design, this wooden pull toy box looks gorgeous in any nursery. It is super versatile too: it can serve as stylish storage for toys, books and other bits and bobs, and becomes a fun toy for toddlers who are big enough to pull their toy box around!


#3. Sweet shelving, furniture, and prints

Is your friend putting together a laid-back beach theme for their bub’s nursery? Or perhaps a dreamy design? Then they will love these pretty shelves!

The little mini-van shelf is super-sturdy and transforms any bedroom into a surf shack, while this dreamy, cloud-shaped wall shelf is perfect for both boys and girls and available in various colours.

If she has her heart set on nature-inspired décor for her little one’s room, this gorgeous woodland counting, natural cotton print will be a lovely finishing touch for their woodland-inspired nursery.

Plus, it is a gift with loads of longevity - it is also a learning resource their baby can use to practice counting when they are old enough.

#4. Eco-friendly tableware

If the mum-to-be loves to plan ahead, they will appreciate gifts that are ready to be used when their little ones reach certain milestones.

These natural, eco-friendly, toddler meal sets are fantastic for keeping close when little ones are ready to try their first solids at around four to six months.

These fun little bowls will keep them entertained and make that first introduction to new foods a fun discovery.

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Baby shower gift shopping can be tricky, but if you plan ahead and ask the right questions, you can find a thoughtful gift for the mum-to-be - minus the stress!

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