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Free Shipping*

  • Free Shipping applies to orders over $199 (excluding Shipping costs)  
  • Free Shipping does not apply for Bulky items such as Furniture, some Bikes, Tables and Beds and some Bulky Toys. 
  • Free Shipping does not apply for NT orders or some WA orders
  • Free Shipping is valid for Eastern Sea Board Metro Postcodes below


The following postcodes are considered to be metro areas:

Melbourne: 3000-3095, 3101-3138, 3141-3156, 3161-3207.

Sydney: 2000-2234, 2564-2566, 2745-2757, 2759-2770, 2890-2914.

Canberra: 2600-2620.

Brisbane: 4000-4179, 4205-4207, 4300-4305, 4500-4506, 4508-4511, 4520.

Free Shipping is only available on selected products to selected areas.


The following postcodes are excluded from all free Shipping offers and will be invoiced separately after placing an order:

0800-0999, 2641, 2717, 2831, 2880-2889, 2898-2899, 4184, 4421, 4450-4499, 4680, 4694-4999, 5201-5749, 6000-6214, 6215-6799, 7151-7154 and 9920-9998.

My Happy Helpers reserves the right to make further exclusions depending on selected product and in some cases may be limited to Metro areas.


If you select the Authority to Leave box at checkout, you agree to accept full responsibility for your parcel. If we have provided you with tracking details and you have chosen ATL at checkout, then unfortunately we are unable to launch investigations or claim via insurance if you have chosen this option. We strongly encourage you to select Signature on Delivery


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