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Wooden Small Hula Hoops

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Our small hula hoops for Kids are full on fun.

Gorgeous rattan hula hoops from Such Great Heights are now available in 2 sizes:

Large for children over 5 and
Small - for children under 5.
These hoops are a modern, eco friendly alternative to the classic 1950's favourite plastic Hula Hoop. Brilliant for encouraging the whole family to shake and wiggle their worries away ! 
At MyHappyHelpers we are all about getting your little and big kids moving again! If you have any questions, please get in touch

How To Hula Hoop?

Have you looked at these gorgeous hoops and wondered how on earth you would teach your little one to hula? Well, we have you covered. See below for some tips and tricks that will have you and your kids hula hooping in no time.

Waist Hooping

This is the one we all know and love. Start by placing the hula hoop around your little ones waist and against their back. Have them lightly twirl the hula hoop in a counterclockwise motion with their hands. When they’re ready to let go, use one of the techniques below to keep their hoop swirling.

Standing with one foot in front of the other.

Moving the body back and forth will help to keep the hula hoop spinning. Please remember to have fun and encourage your little one to try new movements and different styles until he / she finds one that feels most natural.

Sideways Hula Hooping

When the hula hoop is at the Left side, push the body to... Read More