Make the most of your child's craft time with our range of beautifully hand crafted, Australian Made Wooden Stamp Sets

Make the most of your childs playdough time with Beadie Bug Play's range of beautifully hand crafted, Australian Made playdough stamps.  


It is no secret that children get multiple benefits from playdough activities.  Smooth and sticky, it inspires improving fine motor skills, enhances hand-eye coordination and fuels creativity, to name but a few advantages.

With Beadie Bug Play you can double up on the fun of this favourite pastime - almost a learning activity in disguise - with a gorgeous range of stamps crafted from sustainable Australian timbers. 

Encourage your little one’s love for dinosaurs with fun shapes depicting these prehistoric animals that come to life as they press and release these shapes in dough. Teach your babes about planes, trains, boats and different tools as each shape takes form, or take their imagination into the garden with butterfly, insect and Australian flora stamps. Imagine their delight at mimicking the shape of a cuddly koala in their playdough, or fashioning a pretty unicorn after rolling out a dough strip.

Each set featured in the Beadie Bug Play selection is truly one of a kind. This is due to the varieties of timber used. Well-sanded and finished with natural linseed oil, the toppers are laser-cut birch ply.

With striking shapes and various styles available, your little one will have hours of fun play creating their playdough masterpieces as their imagination takes flight with each activity.

*Kindly note that the accessories and playdough featured in the images below are for display purposes only and are not included in the dough stamp sets.